Where to Invest in Property in South East Queensland in 2024? 

South East Queensland is a flourishing property market that offers relative affordability, rental yields as high as 7.66%, and excellent potential for capital growth. While investing in Queensland has plenty of upsides, each city and suburb has its own unique investment proposition.  

With that in mind, Living Property Management has analysed the market and compiled a list of the best property picks in South East Queensland that investors should consider adding to their portfolio this year.  

1. Logan City: High Yields and Affordability 

Logan City stands out for its unbeatable combination of affordability and exceptional rental yields. Units in Logan boast the highest rental yield across South East Queensland, delivering the headline figure quoted above of 7.66%. With median weekly rents also having surged by 20% to $360 per week, this area presents a potential return on investment that’s difficult to match in other parts of the region. 

Furthermore, Logan City presents a welcome sight for more budget-conscious investors. Homes in the area are still readily available for under $700,000, making it an attractive entry point into the South East Queensland property market.  

The affordability factor and high rental yields make Logan City an excellent choice for investors seeking strong cash flow and potential for long-term capital appreciation. 

2. Ipswich: A Golden Triangle Gem 

Ipswich is another exciting prospect for property investors in South East Queensland. The region is part of Brisbane’s new “golden triangle,” a zone earmarked for significant development and infrastructure projects.  

Similar to Logan City, Ipswich offers excellent affordability. Investors can still find properties under the $750,000 mark, representing an opportunity to secure a foothold in a high-growth market without breaking the bank.  

Ipswich is also experiencing a housing shortage, pushing up property prices (up 26% last year alone) and rental yields, making it an even more attractive proposition for investors seeking a combination of capital growth and rental income. 

3. Moreton Bay: A Flourishing Region with Long-Term Potential 

Moreton Bay is a fast-growing region north of Brisbane that presents a compelling investment opportunity. Infrastructure investment is skyrocketing thanks in large part to the Olympics, with upgrades to Gateway Motorway and Bruce Highway, the delivery of a second bridge over the Pine River, north-facing on-ramps at Dohles Rocks Road and projects such as the Moreton Connector and West Moreton Arterial. 

Rent yields are a healthy 4%, and housing options in Moreton Bay are also considerably more affordable than Brisbane’s more expensive inner suburbs, making it an attractive option for investors seeking value for money. 

With significant population growth and the aforementioned ongoing infrastructure development projects, there’s widespread confidence in the region’s long-term capital growth, making it best suited for investors with a long-term investment horizon. 

4. Eagleby: High Yields and Affordability in the Golden Triangle 

Eagleby is another suburb within Brisbane’s “golden triangle” that showcases immense potential for property investors. Rental yields in Eagleby are impressive, with house rental yields currently 5.20% and an average median rent of $510 weekly. Capital growth also sits at an impressive 9.18%, translating to a healthy potential return on investment for property owners. 

Despite recent increases in property investment in the area, the market remains affordable, and it’s strategically positioned in a key growth and development corridor, making it an excellent bet for property investors.  

5. Chermside: A Well-Connected Inner-City Gem 

Chermside offers an interesting proposition for investors seeking a blend of strong rental yields and proximity to Brisbane’s city centre. Despite being so close to the centre, investors can still get into the market at around the $900,000 price point.  
Not only does it compare favourably to other inner-city suburbs in terms of price, but it’s also the best-served of locations on this list in terms of amenities. With huge draws, such as the Westfield shopping centre on the doorstep and a thriving nightlife, rental demand is through the roof. Weekly rent prices start at $585, and annual rent growth for Chermside is currently at a staggering 10.8%.  

This combination of factors is expected to draw in plenty of investors, making it necessary for interested parties to act fast and gain a foothold in this in-demand suburb.  

Invest in Your Future: Secure Your South East Queensland Property Today 

South East Queensland presents a plethora of exciting property investment opportunities in 2024. Whether prioritising affordability, high rental yields, or proximity to amenities, there’s a suburb in this flourishing region that caters to all types of investment goals.  

As with any investment, conducting thorough research and due diligence is crucial before making any decisions. As a leading property management company with extensive experience in South East Queensland, Living Property Management is here to deliver local expertise and insights to allow investors to make informed decisions.  

Our team of qualified professionals assist investors in navigating the property market, identifying suitable investment opportunities, and managing investment properties for optimal returns. Contact us today to learn more about uncovering the highest-potential investment locations in South East Queensland.